German Proofreading

Johannes Flörsch

Hi, I’m Johannes Flörsch!

I live in the small medieval town of Plattling, which is situated next to Deggendorf, the “gate to the Bavarian Forest”. In Plattling the river Isar flows into the Danube.

Plattling is a Nibelungen town. In the Song of the Nibelungs (21st adventure) it is mentioned that Kriemhild was received by the Bishop of Passau, Pilgrim, on her way to the land of the Huns and that they created a “chamber” for her in “Pledelingen”.

Here you find more about me and my work.

Learning Deutsch?
So what can I do for you?

I write, edit, and review – in German. I am a German grammar checker. I do proofreading, check punctuation, spelling, brevity and overall readability, no matter what it is, whatever you write.
• websites
• newsletters
• business & private correspondence
• advertising
• school and university

Inside the article about my German proofreading you will find how I work.


German grammar check in four steps

Step 1. Create your content.
You may use any text editor (Word, Open Office, Pages, Scrivener).
Step 2. Send me your text.
Step 3. Count your content – pay here. How long is your text? Check the row “Wortanzahl” and click on “Jetzt kaufen”, which means “buy now”. If your text is shorter, you get a credit for your next order.
Step 4. Check your e-mail next day.

If you want me to help you, please contact me. Thank you!